Benchmarks are not only about your strength or how many reps you can do

What a benchmark workout is really about.

You might have heard of the word benchmark. It is a well-known topic at CrossFit and our coaches use benchmark WODs (workout of the day) in their programs. Benchmark is a term that factors in measurements regardless of the category. It can range from numbers on the scale or for example the repetitions in your deadlift. These scores can give you a starting point for further improvement in your personal journey of fitness.  

Your personal milestones.

Benchmark WODs are actually considered as milestones to measure your progress. It’s a great way to improve your current CrossFit level, at CrossFit Strijp. This is because your body is always adapting to the new situation. We all know that one time that a certain weight- or powerlifting movement was too heavy but now it is easy. Be realistic with what you want to achieve, work for it and go after your goals.

How to make progress.

Benchmarks are not only about your strength or how many reps you can do. You can test many different factors such as balance, endurance, strength, mobility, or gymnastics. The benchmark workouts at CrossFit have specific parameters. You can easily measure and compare this over time. The WODs are for beginners till advanced athletes. The WODs can easily be scaled or adjusted within duration, reps, or weight. When do you make progress? When you improved your previous score!

Benchmarks at CrossFit Strijp.

When you are a member at EindhovenGym/ CrossFit Strijp you will become familiar with the benchmarks WODs. The benchmark WODs are programmed on the weekends. You will get the chance to do a benchmark every 6 weeks. You will not do this on your own,  but together with the CrossFit Strijp community. Here you can measure your level of fitness and/or see how much you have improved.


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