Programmering week 52

Maandag 26 December

Boxing day, so no classes – Open gym only :)

Tuesday 27 December


10 min EMOM

6 Burpee shuttle run

12 air squats

6 strict toes-to-bar



5 rounds, each round for time, of


750 M moderate pace 

Rest 45 sec

250M sprint

*Rest 2:30 between rounds

*The focus should be on the 250 m Sprint. Keep checking the consistency of these intervals. The 750 m should be easy repeatable for 5 rounds

Wednesday 28 December


4 RFQ:

12 KB bottoms up shoulder presses L/R

12 Scapular pull ups

12 light weighted reverse grip barbell rows


Weightlifting – Barbell cycling clean and jerk

Max power clean and jerks 50/35Kg

Rest 5 min

Then 3 rounds:

90% max power clean and jerk

rest 1:30 min

70% max power clean and jerks

rest 1:30 min

50% max power clean and jerks

*If you think you can’t do at least 15 reps with the RX weight. drop weight until you can

*Note your score



3 Rounds, each for time, of:

400 m ski/row or 800 m bike

30 db Hang clean and jerk 22.5/12.5KG

Rest 1:30 min

400 m ski/row or 800 m bike

20 DB hang clean and jerk 26/15KG

Rest 1:30 min

400 m ski/row or 800 m bike

10 DB hang clean and jerk @ 32/22.5KG

*Aim For unbroken rounds – not on your fastest time. Move efficient and controlled during your DB cycling

Thursday 29 December


6 min AMRAP for quality

20 M 1 KB front rack 1 KB overhead walk (switch after 10 M)

12 Light weighted Goblet squats

5 Jump squats – max height


Gymnastic work

6 min EMOM every 2 min

20 pull-ups

6 min EMOM every 2 min

15 chest to bars

6 min EMOM every 2 min

5 Bar muscle ups

*Rest as needed between the EMOM’s

Friday 30 December


3 Rounds for quality of:

10 L/R Single arm bottoms-up kettlebell press- light

10 Push ups

6 burpees

45” wall sit


Gymnastic work

4 rounds for quality

1 legless rope climb -> 1 rope climb (unbroken)

50 Double unders

1 legless rope climb -> 1 rope climb (unbroken)

50 double unders


Buddy workout


16 Alternating DB Snatches

24 Alternating Box step ups 60/45CM 1x 22.5/15Kg

16 Sandbag/D-ball pick ups

*you can divide the reps however you want

Saturday 31 December


5 min AMRAP For quality

12 Jump squats

12 cal echo bike

20 m Sandbag carry, pick load


Weightlifting – clean

1x 10 Full cleans at 65%

1x 8 Full Cleans at 70%

1x 6 Full cleans at 75%

4 x 4 Full clean, pick load

*Build up to a heavy barbell cycling of 4 T&G Cleans



4 RNDS, each for time, of

10 M Handstand walk

5 Devils presses 2x 22.5/15KG

50 M Farmer carry 2 x 22.5/15KG

5 Devils presses

10 M Handstand walk

*Try to push yourself though this workout, and do not drop the DB after you pick them up. Go for fast unbroken rounds in this

*1:30 min rest between rounds

*3:00 Time cap for each round

Sunday 1 January

Gym is closed